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Fact: China is an amazing country to backpack through. Fact: China is one of those countries where it is the peripheral events and experiences that make your visit. Well at lest they did for me anyway, no more so than the time I became a member of a matching yellow hat wearing Chinese tour group.

DEC 2015


“… and if you see people in psychedelic tie-dye clothing, getting around with no shoes on, or having a deep and meaningful conversation with a telegraph pole, don’t be alarmed or run away. Say hi, there is a good chance they are a “local”. The group chuckles nervously, excited to explore this surfer/hippy utopia...

You have heard of couch surfing right? The idea that nice people simply offer you free accommodation - a couch, bed or floor space - no strings attached, so you can travel cheaply around the world. Sounds perfect! Sounds amazing! Who are these crazy people that just let strangers into their...

DEC 2015


MAY 2016


When you travel, there are so many things that bring you enjoyment, fun and good memories. Often it is the peripheral things that make memories you will never forget. For me, English translations on signs in non-English speaking counties (and some times even english speaking ones) can provide endless amounts of giggles.

NOV 2015


JUN 2016


Yes, you read the title correctly, that is not a spelling mistake. Rabbit racing is a real thing and Swedish people love it! Well… that might be a slight over exaggeration but Swedish rabbit racing enthusiasts love it, after all, the Swedish invented it, apparently.  Last year (2015) I travelled around Scandinavia and spent 3 weeks in Sweden...

APR 2016


After many months of deciphering the new “Opal card” system for Sydney Public transport I can finally provide a simplified explanation of how to use the Opal card and most importantly, how to save yourself lots of money. Using the system and saving lots of money is easy if you know how.  

In February 2001, Fergburger opened it humble doors in a back ally in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand. 15 years later, now located on the main street of town but still the one and only location in the world, Fergburger has earned a legendary status and cult following and is pumping out its amazing, 20 different burgers ...

AUG 2016


Where the hell is American Samoa? Don’t worry; I didn’t know where it was either. I have now learned that American Samoa is a chain of 5 islands and 2 coral atolls in the south pacific, south of Hawaii and east of West Samoa. The main Island is called Tutuila and...

SEPT 2016


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Hi I am Alan, welcome to my travel website. I live for travelling the world, making friends and finding new adventures. Please enjoy a mix of my favourite travel stories and helpful travel "know how". Share inspiration and ideas so we can all master our amazing travel adventures!


Despite the perception that travel bloggers and tour guides are constantly off exploring far away lands or being paid to sip cocktails on the beach, the reality is we all have and need down time. For approximately six months of the year I am a...

OCT 2016


So I wrote a big, long article that waffled on about why I want to by a drone. Then I read it and then I deleted it.

I realised the reasons why I want to buy a drone can be simply stated in two sentences:

Firstly, because I love...

NOV 2016